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5 Day Proof of Concept – Reviews Platform


To Turn Feedback From Your Customers Into Visual Proof of Customer Satisfaction…  Even if You Don’t Own A Website.
Now with full automation service options so you don’t have to enter a single name manually!


Why You Need Online Reviews

Getting customer reviews is vital to every organization regardless of your industry.

Below is an example of a real company that utilizes our service and the results are astounding.  We took a snapshot of their Google reviews from January 2001 to August 2019 (first image) and then compared their numbers after they started using our platform, dating from September 2016 through April 2020 (second image).  Their Google reviews are up by over 400% since starting with us just six months ago.  We have hundreds of other companies just like this one that have similar success by using our Reviews Platform by obtaining real reviews from their real customers.

Online Reviews influence the purchasing decisions of other people online. According to a recent Marketing Land Survey 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Having verifiable online reviews from credible 3rd party websites like Google+ and Yelp have been proven to increase sales revenue. According to a Harvard Business School case study a 1 star increase from the website Yelp lead to a 5%-9% increase in sales revenue.

According to Search Engine Land – 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. Local search directories are starting to show companies with a greater number of reviews higher than those without. This means increasing the amount of online reviews for your company is truly – Good for Business!!

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If you're still not convinced to try our system, see some of the included features below:

Getting feedback is the greatest way to know if your customers are happy. Our engine automates that process.

F2R automatically guides your customer to turning good feedback into a great review.

If a customer gives you a 1-3 star review, our system will stop it in its tracks. Allowing you to either quarantine or correct the problem, and turn that bad review into a good one.

Our system automatically pushes these reviews to your Facebook, Twitter, and G+ accounts.

This is a directory listing that gathers all your reviews. It can either work as a primary or secondary site as well.

Our system will allow you to have a review page on your site that gathers all your reviews for your customers to see.

Our system allows you to monitor the performance of your employees, so that not only will your company get the reviews and feedback, so will your employees.  This greatly enhances your employee customer relations and accountability.

Our dashboard gives you the ability to see all of your reviews in real time, in one place. It also helps to assure that you have all of the right accounts set up for your business.

Once you go through set up with one our friendly professionals, all you need to do is feed the engine the first name and email of your client and we do the rest.