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Remote Backup

Offsite Remote Backup Service for Business

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Catastrophic Drive Failure

Viruses & Data Corruption



Fire & Natural Disasters

Do not simply rely on your local backup software to do its job while unmonitored. Most backup jobs are stored on unreliable media such as external hard drives or tape drives and are often left on premises. More importantly, most removable storage devices do not encrypt and secure your data leaving it open to data thieves if that media is misplaced, lost or stolen.


According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss of some kind are out of business within five years. If you have not experienced this at some point then you are one of the lucky few. With the ever spreading Cryptolocker virus, also known as RansomWare, once your data is encrypted you can never get it back, UNLESS you have a remote backup plan with data retention. (More information about business data loss:

We offer a fully automated and secure backup service that syncs your files to replicated remote data servers located in the US. With this service there is no need to worry should your data need restored, let us do all the work. All of your computers and/or servers that have the remote backup software installed will automatically backup the selected files and folders as needed every day. We monitor your backup jobs 24/7 and are alerted should there become an issue with the scheduled job. You will not see the process take place nor will it affect your computer’s performance. You will have the ability to access your data files from anywhere in the world by using the web interface provided with this service.

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Rest assured that your data files, emails, pictures, contacts, financial data, and more are 100% safe and secure. Our backup software and data servers have been tested using the highest security measures and are HIPAA compliant.

The Techryan Backup infrastructure ensures complete privacy and protection. Techryan Backup uses a three-tiered encryption system that encrypts data on the user’s computer 256AES, in transit 128bit SSL and finally 1024bit AES when at rest in storage. Unlike other online backup companies where data is neither encrypted on your client nor stored as encrypted data, Techryan Backup prevents even employees of the company from accessing stored data without approval.

Backup your business with one of the industry’s technology software leader. With our software you can protect the data on all of the PCs within your business. We monitor your backups on a daily basis. In the event of a system failure we will come to your location and restore your lost data for you. Every business needs protection from Fire, Hardware Failure, Viruses, Theft, etc. It is not a matter of whether or not this will happen, however the question is, when it does happen will you have a secure backup copy of your data files? Backup your business with the best – for less. Think of this service as “insurance for your company data”.