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RMM Services

RMM Patch Deployment with Security Monitoring



Our Remote Monitoring and Management service includes a comprehensive range of remote software patch and hardware monitoring 24/7/365, asset tracking and reporting services. The RMM software manages and maintains your computer and server security, assisting in the protection from viruses, malware, security breaches, and other malicious software. With integrated Automated Patch Deployment, Remote Control, and Trouble Ticketing, you can rest assured that your system is protected at all times. With group policy administration, policies can be created to prevent users from accessing web sites during specified time frames as well as disabling access to content specific sites, ie: nudity, violence, gambling, etc.  Need to block your employees from accessing Facebook during business hours, RMM can do that.  Need HIPAA compliancy, RMM can do that.

Asset Management

Anytime, anywhere remote control, discovery, audit and inventory management, directory services, patch management, software distribution, and software usage monitoring.

Remote Monitoring

Proactive monitoring of servers, workstations, remote computers, Windows event logs and applications, with in-depth analytics and role-based reporting. We are also notified when a hardware failure occurs.


Policy-based deployment, software patch installation, remote configuration, update, remediation, logging and reporting, including flexible if-then automation.

Backup and Recovery

(Optional) Centralized control of critical data backup, with automated remote disk backup, disk imaging, offsite replication, file level remote backup and optional bare metal restore for Windows servers and workstations.

Security & Web Management

Antivirus, Antimalware, Symantec End-Point Security, and patch management, for client workstations and server operating systmes. Web protection and productivity loss prevention. Malware, Phishing, and Bot Net sites are blocked at all times.

Patch Management

Patches are automatically installed in the background for Windows Security Updates, Java, Adobe Flash & Reader, Internet Browsers, Skype, MalwareBytes, and many more. This ensures that all the most recent security releases are always up to date.

Service Deliverability

Group Policy management, service desk, and support ticketing so you can relax and rest assured that Techryan has your business covered 24/7/365

Price per device starting at $9.95/month