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Web Services and API Integrations

What are API integrations?

API (Application program interface) basically allows you to interface with an application without being inside the application. What does this mean for you? Let’s give an example. Let’s say you use Quickbooks and you want to add clients who pay to your mailing list once an invoice is marked paid. Sure you could add another step to your workflow and manually accomplish this, But lets say your newsletter system is using MailChimp. The API’s of both systems allow us to tie these to applications together! So we can now automate that process for you!

Automate your Workflow

Why add more steps to your already busy workday to accomplish simple steps? Automation between applications using Web Services allows us to build these steps based on events from one application to another. From auto posting to your social media, sending out invoices when a job is marked complete, or even updating a google spreadsheet based on an email filter in your gmail. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Rest easy with REST

Already have your own application? Let us build an API for your endusers for you! Allow your customers to automate their workflow with a brand new RESTful API. Using the power of cloud technologies and lightweight frameworks such a Lumen, we can build you a secure and snappy API to extend your application and keep up with the competition.